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The speakers on the DVD “From Minus to Plus” are the world-famous evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda. Their ministry is founded on the heart-felt longing to call people to personal salvation in Christ Jesus.

Missionary work in the independent mountain state of Lesotho.

Reinhard Bonnke, a pastor’s son, was born in 1940 in Königsberg and heard the call to the African mission field when he was just a boy.

In 1967 he, his wife Anni and their son Kai-Uwe set off for the independent mountain kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa, where he was to work as a missionary. It was many years, however, before his missionary activities took on greater dimensions and he began to hold meetings in huge tents and then in the open air.

The evangelistic meetings held by the international mission organisation Christ for all Nations (CfaN), which was founded in 1974, did not stop growing. Today CfaN’s ministry is still characterised by wonderful answers to prayer and amazing healings, signs and wonders.

Ogbomosho (Nigeria) 2002

The largest single meeting to date – in November 2000 in Lagos (Nigeria) – was attended by some 1.6 million people.

Over the past 22 years around 120 million people have attended the vast evangelistic meetings. Since 2000 more than 58 million people have made decisions for Jesus and documented what they have done by completing decision cards.

Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke

Daniel Kolenda has now succeeded Reinhard Bonnke as CfaN’s President. He is a gifted preacher whose ministry is modelled on the pattern of Jesus: preaching, teaching and healing.

Single-minded concentration on the gospel message is what makes the ministry of Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke so unique – in Africa, Europe and right around the world.

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